Secrets of Passing Labcorp Drug Test

Labs that conduct drug tests on people have improved their ways massively thanks to advancements in technology. Tempering with urine samples by changing the concentration has become a common thing to do for drug users who want to hide their presence in their system.

Although some have managed to get away with various tempering methods, new lab methods can detect any urine sample that has been altered. They do this by measuring creatinine levels, pH, specific gravity, and temperature to catch anyone trying to cheat.

This has made labs’ products more accurate drug results than ever before but with labs constantly updating their methods and new tempering methods/products entering the market, what are the secrets of passing a LabCorp drug test. Let’s discuss.

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Addressing The Myths Out There

Take some creatine to raise the creatinine levels in your urine: One of the things that labs test these days to know if urine has been tampered with is to test the creatinine levels. There’s a myth out there that says eat red meat or taking creatine will raise the creatinine levels in your urine. This method will not help you pass your drug test at all.

Using pet urine: This method when used will be flagged straight away because animal urine and human urine are different. Leave your innocent pets alone as this method will not help you cheat a drug test.

Steal a sample from the lab: Unless you want a criminal record on your resume and some jail time, do not attempt to break into a lab and steal a sample of clean urine to pass your test. This is very risky and will not help you in the long run.

Speed up your metabolism: Most stoners believe that speeding up your metabolism will lessen the time drugs can be spotted in your urine and help them detox from THC faster. A high-calorie diet plus some intense exercise will raise your metabolism and make drugs in your system disappear like magic right? Wrong. This will not work either so do not even try it to mask your drug activities.

So What Are The Secrets Of Passing A LabCorp Drug Test?

Carefully dilute your urine sample

This is a urine sample that has a high content of water. The overall objective here is to minimize the visibility of drugs as much as possible in your urine. Many labs that screen for drugs have what is known as a cut-off point where even if drugs are spotted in your system, the test will show a positive result.

The reason for that is the amount of drugs found in your sample is very small. Diluting urine unintentionally is something that does happen a lot especially if one takes in plenty of fluids.

This will eventually dilute their urine, however; it can also be done on purpose if one takes in plenty of water before their drug test. The drug ratio in the urine will be lowered a lot but caution is needed as this does not guarantee a negative result plus it can be spotted by labs.

A very sneaky approach to diluting your urine sample is to add water directly to it. However, labs have become clever and aware people try to do this that they add dye to their toilets and sink water. This is very easy for them to spot and can get you busted. You are better off drinking a large amount of water and diluting your urine that way.

Substitute your urine with that of a friend

If you are looking for a method that is widely known to have a very high success rate of helping people cheat their drug test, this is the one. This is where a donor gives labs a urine sample that does not belong to them but someone else. To truly succeed using this method, you have to make sure that your friend is not a drug user at all.

If you suspect that your friend has come into contact with any drug leading up to your test day, abort the mission and find another donor who is drug-free. The last thing you want is to walk into your drug test with a sample from a friend that has drug traces in it. You are shooting yourself in the foot.

The major challenge of using this method is keeping the urine warm long enough and at the right temperature before the test. If you give a well-trained lab tester with cold or hot urine will raise eyebrows immediately, and they will tell you to retake the test.

To make sure your friend’s urine sample is kept at the correct temperature at all times, you can buy some chemical pocket warmers which are designed to keep your hidden urine warm.

Buy some synthetic urine

Found on the internet, synthetic urine is a urine sample that has the correct color, uric acid, and pH to help you pass a drug test. One of the first things that lab testers do when you hand them your urine sample is to shake it and check the foam. Many synthetic urines you can buy online display enough foam to get you past the visual check too.

As soon as your synthetic urine sample passes the visual test, you have just overcome a very crucial huddle, and all you can do from that point is hope. A few labs will test for synthetics if they are a top quality lab, however, if they are like most lab out there, you can breathe easy because your sample will not be flagged.

Use an adulterated urine sample

An adulterated urine sample is a urine that you have tampered with to beat your test. There are a few ways of tampering your urine sample, and one of them is by adding chemicals to it to hide any traces of drugs or interfere with the equipment used by the lab.

Though it might work, chemicals used in urine can easily be flagged by high tech lab and can land you in hot water, but if done right you can get away with it. Some chemicals most people use to tamper their urine samples include bleach, eye drops, and soap.

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