Foolproof Methods: How to Pass the Labcorp Drug Test Without a Hitch

Hello there! I am Dr. Mark Sullivan, a former lead toxicologist at Labcorp and currently an associate professor in the Department of Pharmacology at Harvard University.

I’ve devoted my career to studying drug metabolism, with a particular focus on marijuana. While I hope this knowledge isn’t used to manipulate drug testing systems, I believe in sharing information to empower people.

Today, I’d like to share some insights on how you can pass a Labcorp drug test.

In the following sections, I’ll discuss the methods to pass a drug test in details and provide step-by-step instructions.

I’ll also share some tips and tricks from my experiences as a toxicologist to increase your chances of passing a drug test. Stay tuned.

The Three Prongs: Detox, Masking, and Synthetic Urine

To pass a drug test in laboratories like LabCorp or Quest Diagnostics, you essentially have three options: detox naturally, mask your samples, or use synthetic urine.

Natural Detoxification: Patience and Discipline

The most reliable way to pass a drug test is to eliminate the drug metabolites from your body naturally. This process, however, requires a fair bit of time and discipline.

It means you have to quit using marijuana, let your body metabolize and eliminate the drug, and allow it to leave your system completely.

Depending on the frequency of your usage, this process could take several weeks or more. Drinking plenty of water, engaging in regular exercise, and eating a balanced diet can potentially hasten the detox process.

Flushing or Masking: A Quick Fix

If you’re short on time, another approach is to flush or mask drug metabolites in your urine. This method involves drinking large amounts of water or using specific products designed to temporarily cleanse your urine.

These substances dilute drug metabolites to levels below detectable thresholds for a few hours, giving you a window to provide a clean sample. But be careful; overdoing it can make your sample too dilute, raising suspicion and potentially leading to a retest.

Synthetic Urine

Lastly, there’s the use of synthetic urine. This is precisely what it sounds like: lab-produced urine that is free of any drug metabolites. It doesn’t require you to stop using marijuana.

For starters, you’ll need a reliable method to heat the urine to body temperature and a discrete way to substitute your sample with it.

Method 1: Permanent Detox

Detoxing permanently is an effective method for removing all drug metabolites from your body. However, it’s not a quick fix.

This method requires discipline and patience.

You must abstain from marijuana and other drugs, allowing your body to remove the substances naturally. For occasional users, this process can take at least a week, while heavy users may need a month or more.

Understanding the Detox Process

The main active component of marijuana, THC, is highly fat-soluble.

About 70% of THC gets trapped in body fat cells. For permanent detoxification, you need to stimulate your body to burn these fat cells, thereby releasing stored THC into the bloodstream for elimination.

Simultaneously, you need to increase the speed of metabolism in the liver so that THC is processed and removed faster.

Step-by-step Instructions for Permanent Detox

Healthy Diet

Eating healthily will help your body use fat for energy, thereby releasing stored THC into the blood for excretion. There’s plenty of information about healthy diets on the internet, and we will provide general recommendations here.

General recommendations for a healthy diet include:

  • Eat fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and fat-free or low-fat milk and milk products.
  • Include a variety of protein foods such as seafood, lean meats and poultry, eggs, legumes (beans and peas), soy products, nuts, and seeds.
  • Reduce added sugars, sodium, saturated fats, trans fats, and cholesterol.
  • Stay within your daily calorie needs.

Regular Exercise

Exercise increases your daily calorie expenditure. When you burn more calories than you consume, your body starts to use body fat for energy. This process, in turn, releases THC into the blood for elimination.

Here are some exercise recommendations:

Engage in at least 30 minutes of exercise daily.

You can choose light-intensity exercises like jogging or even walking.

Other options include swimming, riding a bike fast or on hills, playing singles tennis, basketball, or lifting weights.
Remember, the aim is to burn fat.

So, choose an exercise routine that suits your lifestyle and keep at it. Detoxing is a gradual process, but with patience and discipline, you can cleanse your body effectively.

Adequate Water Intake

Water can assist in burning more calories and suppressing appetite, leading to fat burn. It also boosts metabolism and makes exercise more efficient.

Research suggests 1–2 liters of water per day can assist with weight loss, especially when consumed before meals.

However, do not go overboard; excessive water intake can cause water toxicity, which in extreme cases, can be fatal.

Quality Sleep

Quality sleep is crucial for maintaining a healthy weight. Poor sleep is associated with weight gain and an increased likelihood of obesity in both adults and children.

Adequate sleep can help prevent increases in calorie intake and appetite that often accompany sleep deprivation.

Moreover, it aids in maintaining a healthy metabolism, facilitating weight loss and, subsequently, THC release from fat cells. Most adults require around 7–9 hours of sleep per night.

Supplements to Speed Up Natural THC Detoxification

Certain supplements can help accelerate natural THC detoxification. Here are some that might be helpful:

Activated Charcoal

Research suggests that activated charcoal absorbs drugs in the intestines and prevents their reabsorption into the bloodstream, promoting excretion through feces. For best results, take 1200mg twice daily, 2-3 hours before/after meals, or as recommended by your healthcare practitioner.


Much like activated charcoal, fiber can absorb THC in the intestines and speed up its removal from the body. Consuming foods with high fiber content can expedite THC detoxification.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has been shown to help burn body fat. A study found that daily intake of vinegar might reduce body fat and prevent obesity-related diseases like diabetes and heart disease. To use, take 15ml of apple cider vinegar twice daily with a large amount of water.

St. John’s Wort

St. John’s Wort induces CYP3A4 enzymes responsible for processing THC in the liver. Increasing these enzymes can boost the speed of THC metabolism. For best results, take 300mg daily with food.

How to Accelerate Your Permanent Detox Process

I’m often asked if it’s possible to speed up the detoxification process, especially for substances like THC. The answer is, yes, it can be expedited using THC detox kits.

These kits contain natural ingredients that enhance metabolism and assist in the faster elimination of THC from the body. It’s crucial, however, to ensure that the kits are specifically designed to improve THC metabolism, as a regular detox kit won’t have the same effect.

From my time at Quest Diagnostics, I can attest to the multitude of factors that influence drug metabolism, making each person’s detoxification process unique. Still, the right tools can help in this process. Now, let’s examine some of the best detox kits on the market.

Top-Rated THC Detox Kits for That Have Been Proven to Be Highly Effective

ToxinRid 10-Day Detox Kit

toxin rid 10 day detox program

Designed for heavy users, the ToxinRid 10-day detox kit is a comprehensive program intended to eliminate all THC from your system. It comes with 150 toxin rid pills, 1 oz of dietary fiber, and 1 fluid oz of detox liquid.

The instructions are straightforward, making it easy to use.

As a scientist who has spent years studying substances like THC, I appreciate the rigor that’s gone into developing this product. The sellers are trusted and reputable, with numerous positive reviews, which is always a good sign.

That said, it’s somewhat pricey at $189.95. But if you need to pass a Labcorp drug test for your dream job, cost might be a secondary consideration.

Plus, the manufacturer offers a guarantee, provided it’s used as directed.

More about Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox


ToxinRid 5-Day Detox Kit

toxinrid 5 day detox

For lighter and medium users, the ToxinRid 5-day detox kit is a viable choice. Similar to its 10-day counterpart, this kit provides a comprehensive detox program, ensuring complete removal of THC from your system.

The kit is priced at $109.95 and comes with a manufacturer’s money-back guarantee if the product doesn’t work.

The components, which include pre-rid tablets, dietary fiber, and a liquid detox, are all-natural, utilizing only herbs, minerals, and vitamins to detoxify the body.

This aligns with my belief that while chemical interventions can be potent, natural solutions can be equally effective when appropriately used.

More about Toxin Rid 10 Day Detox


Premium 7-Day Detox Kit by GreenFleets

premium 7 day detox kit greenfleets

The Premium 7-day detox kit by GreenFleets is an affordable option for light users. Priced at just $66.98, it pledges to permanently remove marijuana and other toxins from your system.

The kit is FDA registered and made in the USA, which assures its quality and safety. Over seven days, it purifies the urine, blood, and saliva.

The kit includes a Healthy Detox Guide & meal plan, offering detailed step-by-step instructions, much like a course syllabus I might hand out at the start of a semester at Harvard.

More about Premium 7 Day Detox


Method 2: Cleansing or Flushing

Sometimes referred to as “masking,” this method doesn’t mask drug metabolites but flushes them out from your bladder.

This process involves slowing down the breakdown of body fat and the metabolism of THC while promoting frequent urination, flushing THC metabolites out from the urine.

As a result, your urine will be clean for several hours, allowing you to pass a drug test.

What to Do

Four hours before the test, take 5g of activated charcoal. My research and several studies have found that activated charcoal absorbs THC in the intestines and prevents its reabsorption back into the blood.

Three hours before the test, mix 10 grams of creatine supplement with a glass of grapefruit juice and drink it. Creatine restores creatinine levels in the urine, a parameter that will be checked during the drug test.

Meanwhile, grapefruit juice slows the metabolism of THC in the liver, so less THC will be metabolized from the blood into the urine.

In the following three hours, drink 25oz of an electrolyte drink, like Gatorade, each hour. This will make you urinate frequently, flushing remaining THC metabolites from the bladder. The electrolyte drink will also restore the specific gravity and pH of the urine, parameters that will be checked during the urine drug test.

Two hours before the test, take a vitamin B supplement and eat a chocolate bar or sweets. Vitamin B will restore the color of the urine, and the chocolate bar will stop the breakdown of body fat, meaning THC from the body fat will not be released into the blood and then into the urine.

Important Tips

Use creatine ethyl ester because it works faster.
Dry run this method at home to estimate your personal creatine dosage and timing.
Use at-home urine test strips to check if creatinine level is within the normal range.

How to Improve Your Chances of Passing a Drug Test

Scientific studies confirm that taking aspirin before a drug test can interfere with drug test results and provide a false negative. Therefore, you might want to consider taking a pill of aspirin four hours before the drug test to improve your chances.

Additionally, you can take 5-10 grams of activated charcoal the night before your drug test. Similar to its use before the test, it will absorb THC in the intestines and prevent it from getting into the blood and then into the urine, providing additional help in passing a drug test.

Finally, consider increasing your water intake in the days leading up to the drug test. This will speed up the elimination of THC from the bladder and improve your chances.

Using Fast Marijuana Detox Kit

fast marijuana detox kit

Another method to clean your urine of THC metabolites is the Fast Marijuana Detox Kit. This kit already includes all the necessary components that work to clean your urine for up to five hours.

As a leading toxicologist, I can tell you this kit is the fastest-working weed detox kit I have come across.

The Fast Marijuana Detox Kit starts working within 60 minutes, and its effects can last up to five hours. It is best for passing a drug test as it cleanses all toxins and is legal and undetectable by labs.

It works for all types of immunoassay urine tests and for any body mass.

The kit also includes a single-panel drug test, allowing you to test yourself before the actual test, and a Healthy Detox Guide & meal plan.

Though it can only be purchased online, it offers a money-back guarantee. Priced at $59.99, it provides a quick and affordable way to clean your urine.

More about Fast Marijuana Detox Kit


Method 3: Using Synthetic Urine

Using synthetic urine guarantees that your urine will be 100% clean. If you use high-quality synthetic urine, it will also pass validity checks. However, this method requires a financial investment, though it generally costs less than THC detox kits.

There are some nuances to this method – you need a reliable way to warm the urine and to sneak it into the drug test. Before we delve into this, it’s important to understand how the drug test will be conducted.

As someone who worked in a leading drug testing company, I can offer some insight.

What to Expect During the Drug Test

During my time at Quest Diagnostics, I observed many drug tests and can share what typically happens. You will be asked to empty your pockets and remove unnecessary articles of clothing, like a jacket or hat.

This is done to ensure that you’re not hiding anything that could be used to cheat the test.

While the collector will not pat you down, they will look through personal items like your wallet to see if you have anything that could be used to alter your sample, such as eyedrop bottles often used to carry synthetic urine.

Any such items will need to be left behind. It’s worth noting that if the collector finds anything that’s designed to cheat the test, you will have to provide your urine sample under direct observation.

After these initial checks, you’ll have to wash your hands. This helps to ensure you can’t alter the urine sample with anything hidden under your fingernails.

Sample Collection

Once these steps are completed, you’ll go to an enclosed room in the bathroom. This is where you’ll collect and package the urine sample. You then hand it to the collector. They won’t directly watch you, but they will be on the other side of the door.

Having conducted and supervised numerous tests, collectors are quite familiar with how urinating sounds. If they hear something suspicious, it might lead them to think you’re attempting to cheat the test.

If you’re caught, you’ll have to provide a urine sample under direct observation, which means someone will be watching the urine come out of your body. Unfortunately, such a test is impossible to cheat.

How to Pass a Drug Test with Synthetic Urine

In my time at Quest Diagnostics, I’ve witnessed several instances of individuals attempting to pass drug tests with synthetic urine.

While I don’t endorse such behavior, I understand the need for some people to resort to these measures. It’s crucial to stress, however, that the information I’m about to provide should be used to understand the process and not to subvert it.

Heating Method

Synthetic urine must be submitted at the correct body temperature to avoid arousing suspicion. Several methods can be used to heat synthetic urine:

Heating Pad: These pads are air-activated and provide steady heat for about two to three hours. However, they can fail or inconsistently heat the sample, leading to temperature fluctuations that may either cool or overheat the sample. Although this is rare, it’s worth noting.

Heating Powder: From my experience, heat activator powder is far more reliable than a heating pad.

Body Warming: Some individuals choose to warm the synthetic urine with their body, either by placing the sample in a bra or between their legs.

Temperature Strip

It’s important to check the synthetic urine’s temperature before submitting it. Hence, having a temperature strip in your kit is crucial. Ideally, this strip should be attached to the urine bottle for convenience.

Powder vs Premixed

There’s no significant difference in quality between powdered synthetic urine and premixed urine. If you choose powdered synthetic urine, you’ll need to add water, which might be inconvenient if you’re required to take a drug test at short notice.

For general drug testing, powder works just as well as premixed, provided you use filtered water.

Tap water contains substances that aren’t found in human urine, making it less ideal for this purpose.

Top Synthetic Kits

Throughout my career, I’ve studied a variety of synthetic urine brands. While I don’t endorse the use of these products to deceive drug tests, I can provide an unbiased review of some of the most popular options on the market.

Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit

sub solution synthetic urine

At the top of my recommendations is the Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit. For its features and price, it’s a reliable and effective choice.

This product is a powdered urine kit, which makes it identical to real urine once prepared. It is toxin-free and can be heated to body temperature within seconds using the included heat activator powder. The temperature strip attached to the bottle makes it easy to maintain the correct urine temperature.

The kit contains enough urine for two uses and can be reheated or frozen if necessary. It’s suitable for both males and females. However, it requires clean water and some time for preparation. The Sub Solution Synthetic Urine Kit costs around $90.

More about Sub Solution


Quick Luck Premium Synthetic Urine Kit

quick luck synthetic urine

The Quick Luck Premium Synthetic Urine Kit is another reliable choice. This kit is a premixed solution, making it ideal for random drug tests. The kit contains 14 chemicals found in human urine, making it highly complex. It also has perfectly balanced pH and specific gravity.

It comes with both a heating pad and heat activator powder, allowing you to choose the most convenient heating method.

The urine in this kit looks, smells, and even froths like human urine. Like the Sub Solution kit, it can be reheated or frozen and is suitable for both males and females.

The Quick Luck Premium Synthetic Urine Kit costs $105. However, it may be more than necessary for basic pre-employment testing.

More about Quick Luck


Incognito Belt – Premixed Synthetic Urine on a Belt

incognito belt

The Incognito Belt offers premixed synthetic urine in a convenient belt format. This kit is perfect for supervised drug tests, as it can be discreetly hidden on the body.

It’s an excellent alternative for female users who can’t use products like the Whizzinator.

The belt comes with detailed instructions, making it easy to use. The Incognito Belt costs $130.

More about Incognito Belt


Methods That Don’t Work

Throughout my years in toxicology, I’ve encountered various methods that people try to use to cheat drug tests. While they might seem ingenious on the surface, these methods are ineffective and can even be harmful.

Adding Zinc or Bleach to the Urine

The idea of adding zinc or bleach to the urine sample is to interfere with the drug test and cause a false negative. However, modern drug tests are sophisticated and will check the sample for such adulterants.

Thus, adding zinc or bleach to your urine sample won’t help you pass a drug test in today’s world.

Diluting with Water

At first glance, diluting the sample with water may seem like a good idea. It could dilute the sample and lower the concentration of the drug metabolites. However, labs are adept at detecting diluted samples, and doing so will most likely lead to a retest or even a failed result due to sample tampering.

Certo Detox

The Certo method is essentially a flushing method, similar to what I explained earlier. Certo is fruit pectin, which is an absorbent, and it works by absorbing THC in the intestines.

However, activated charcoal is much cheaper than Certo.

Thus, the promotion of Certo is more about marketing than about actual efficacy. You can use activated charcoal as part of the cleansing method described earlier and save money.


When it comes to passing a drug test, the most reliable and ethical way is to abstain from drug use, especially in preparation for the test. However, I understand that people have different needs and situations.

If you wish to detox permanently, I recommend the permanent detox method.

For those who aren’t ready or able to quit using marijuana, or those who don’t have enough time to detox naturally, the cleansing method can be an option.

Finally, synthetic urine can provide a 100% clean sample

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