Brigham Young University

BYU has 33,000 daytime students. We offer cources in 11 colleges and Continuing Eduction and Graduate Studies with bachelor’s degrees offered in 186 academic programs, master’s degree in 64 and doctorates in 25 and juris doctorates in one. The campus is located in Provo, Uttah about 45 minutes south of Salt Lake City. The main campus is 560 acres with 295 buildings. BYU is sponsored by the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. External research funding is usually between $25 and $30 MM per year.

Featured Startups and Technologies

Otix, Inc.

Otix has become the sixth largest hearing aid supplier in the world. They feature the smallest digital, tunable hearing aid available.


Moxtek has developed x-ray optics and windows that have dominated their field. They have a 60% market share.


Procerus is one of the major suppliers of Unmanned Air Vehicles in the world.

Sustainable Energy Solutions

SES has a technology solution that will make coal fired power plants non polluting.

Sera Prognostics

Sera is a two year old company that has diagnostics tests for preterm delivery and preeclampsia that are 90%+ accurate


Millenniata has technology that makes CD’s and DVD’s permanent storage devices. Where dye based discs fail in 7 – 12 years Millenniata’s products have passed all the advanced aging tests to make them 100 to 1000 year data storage discs.

N8 Medical

This is a new start up that has licensed our ceragenin technology for medical devices and pharmaceuticsls. Ceragenins are synthetic peptides that are active against all bacteria and viruses and maybe a new solution to bacterial resistance problems that currently plague medicine.

TK Biotech

TK Bio has developed a cancer diagnostic that will be a new test for indentifying cancer at an early stage. Therapeutics and imaging technology will follow

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