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The University of Oregon is a world-class teaching and research university with nearly 300 comprehensive academic programs offering breadth and depth in the liberal arts, sciences and professional programs to over 18,000 undergraduate and nearly 4,000 graduate students. UO is Oregon’s only member of the Association of American Universities (AAU), and its research programs and institutes serve the educational, cultural, and economic needs of Oregon, the Pacific Northwest, and the Nation.

Featured Startups and Technologies

Floragenex, Inc.

Floragenex, Inc. (2005) uses an innovative molecular biology technique in next-generation DNA sequencing and bioinformatic analysis tools to provide genetic research services for clients in agriculture, human health and basic research. Floragenex was founded through the Technology Entrepreneurship Program by University of Oregon professor Eric Johnson (Molecular Biology) and UO alum Nathan Lillegard.

MitoSciences, Inc.

MitoSciences, Inc. (2004) was founded by University of Oregon professors Roderick Capaldi and Michael Marusich to advance understanding of the role of mitochondria (structures responsible for energy production in cells) in human diseases. MitoSciences is a leading developer of anti-mitochondrial antibodies, mitochondrial assays, and products and services for mitochondrial toxicity screening.

Electrical Geodesics, Inc.

Electrical Geodesics, Inc. (EGI) (1992) has both research and clinical divisions to develop, manufacture, and distribute new brain wave analysis systems. EGI products are widely used in human neuroscience research laboratories around the world, addressing topics such as the mechanisms of visual attention, the abnormal frontal lobe development in autism, and brain activity during normal sleep. EGI was founded by University of Oregon professor Don Tucker (Psychology).

Crystal Clear Technologies, Inc.

Crystal Clear Technologies, Inc. (2004) has a mission to bring to market a low cost water purifier that removes both biological and chemical contaminants from water, at a cost affordable to the majority of the world’s population. CCT works in collaboration with University of Oregon professor Darren Johnson (Chemistry) to develop new water purification materials, and licenses the work from the University of Oregon.

Dune Sciences, Inc.

Dune Sciences, Inc. (2007) offers platform technologies for research at the nanoscale, including a novel tool for aiding analysis of structural, chemical, and functional characteristics via electron microscopy. Dune’s work is based on green nanoscience technology developed in UO Professor Jim Hutchison’s lab. Dune also provides materials and methods for the self-assembly of nanomaterials onto diverse substrates with nanoscale resolution.

ParaTools, Inc.

Paratools, Inc. (2004) provides consulting and training in parallel and distributed computing and performance evaluation tools, most notable of which is the Tau Performance System®. Company founders and University of Oregon professors Allen Malony and Sameer Shende (Neuroinformatics Lab) developed the tool at UO.

Avant Assessment, LLC

Avant Assessment, LLC (2002) designs, develops and provides web-based language testing software for clients around the world. Avant was formed by Dr. Carl Falsgraf, director of UO’s Center for Applied Second Language Studies, and the company works closely with CASLS as a research partner.

Insignia Health, LLC

Insignia Health, LLC (2006) provides the Patient Activation Measure (PAM), a self-assessment tool that evaluates patients’ emotional dispositions, attitudes toward health care, self-management abilities, and use of health care. Insights from PAM allow caregivers and healthcare organizations to tailor support and allocate resources to effectively engage and activate the consumers they support. PAM was developed by Professor Judith Hibbard (Health Policy) and colleagues at the University of Oregon.

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