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Georgia Tech Research Corporation advances research and technological development at Georgia Tech as it continually seeks to advance society and the global competitiveness of Georgia and the nation. GTRC supports and promotes research through its stewardship of the funds for sponsored research and financial support of research activities. GTRC embodies Georgia Tech’s founding spirit of entrepreneurship and focus on the applications of engineering, science and technology to the creation of meaningful new ideas, methods, and opportunities. Through Technology Transfer, GTRC enables the institute to maintain beneficial partnerships with public and private sectors in research and technology to assure the benefits of discovery are widely disseminated.

Featured Startups and Technologies


CardioMEMS, Inc. is a medical device company formed around microelectromechanical systems (MEMS) technology licensed from GTRC and MIT in 2001. More specifically, CardioMEMS has developed wireless sensing and communication devices designed to improve the management of cardiovascular diseases such as heart failure, hypertension, and aneurysms. These sensors are permanently implanted in the body using minimally invasive techniques and, using radiofrequency energy, transmit cardiac output, blood pressure, and heart rate data in real-time that can be critical to the management of patients’ diseases. In 2007, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration cleared CardioMEMS’ first product, the EndoSure(TM) Wireless Pressure Measurement System, for measuring intrasac pressure during thoracic aortic aneurysm repair. This device comprises an implanted sensor and an external electronics module. The device is inserted during the minimally invasive cardiovascular repair of an abdominal aortic aneurysm or thoracic aortic aneurysm via catheter into a patient’s aneurysm sac and measures and transmits pressure, heart rate, and cardiac output information to the external module. CardioMEMS is also in clinical trials for the use of their wireless sensor device for monitoring hypertension and heart failure patients.


Based in metro-Atlanta, Suniva manufactures high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar cells (the ARTisun series) and high powered solar modules consisting of Suniva’s core cell technology. From its inception, Suniva has been focused on delivering the highest power possible to its customers using low-cost manufacturing techniques. Suniva is convinced that this is by far the best way to reduce the levelized cost of electricity (LCOE) generated by solar photovoltaics (PV) over time. This is needed to move solar PV truly in to the mainstream in most world markets, eventually without subsidies or incentives being needed – in other words to make solar PV even more “sensible” for everyone who needs power and has access to sunshine. Suniva evolved from the work of Professor Ajeet Rohatgi of the Georgia Institute of Technology’s University Center of Excellence in Photovoltaics (UCEP). A DoE Center of Excellence since 1992, UCEP has distinguished itself as the premier site for silicon PV research in the U.S. Bringing together a unique approach of uniting cell modeling, device design, process optimization and materials analysis and characterization, UCEP has consistently proven to be a valuable resource to government and industrial partners. Through this competency, the Center has evolved from a purely academic research environment to a hands-on industry resource focused on practical solutions for commercial processing of PV materials and devices.


Akrometrix, a Georgia based company founded in 1994, is an industry leader in measuring and resolving thermo-mechanical flatness issues in manufacturing and assembly operations, most notably in the production of electronic circuit substrates and components. The company’s pioneering technology is based on the research of Dr. I. Charles Ume, a professor in the School of Mechanical Engineering at Georgia Institute of Technology. Akrometrix has become the industry leader in real-time metrology emphasizing resolution of thermo-mechanical issues at all levels of electronic materials production, components fabrication and assembly processes. Akrometrix has two primary product lines: the TherMoire systems for engineering and production evaluation applications, and the LineMoire Automated Flatness Inspection Systems for production line applications. The LineMoire product line is the first warpage testing equipment that can be installed on production lines at time zero of the production process, allowing manufacturers to test individual substrate flatness prior to the component placement and high temperature solder assembly without adding to the throughput time. Manufacturers, who are continuously pressured to reach higher yields and traceability standards, will be able to proactively manage these specifications as well as identify potential production failures before installation of components, which will yield significant cost and production time savings. In 2007, 95% of the top global semiconductor manufacturing companies relied on Akrometrix testing equipment and services as a crucial component of production evaluation.


Nyloboard’s manufacturing facility is located just outside of Atlanta. Nyloboard is made using 100% recycled carpet fibers, no wood is used in its production. This means less carpet ends up in landfills. Studies by the EPA show that 4 billion pounds of carpet are being dumped into the nation’s landfills annually. Unlike pressed-wood products such as particle board and fiberboard, Nyloboard is formaldehyde free and does not emit harmful gases. Also, unlike many pressure-treated woods, Nyloboard does not contain the toxins Chromated Copper Arsenate (CCA) or Creosote. Nyloboard resists termites, water damage, and mold and mildew. Therefore, Nyloboard contributes no pesticides or chemicals to contaminate our soil and water. These chemical pollutants were designed to correct the problems that Nyloboard prevents.

MedShape Solutions

Motion is crucial to the human experience. It promotes independence, enables self-expression and powers personal achievement. When the body experiences musculoskeletal injury or disease, movement becomes restricted and quality of life suffers. MedShape Solutions is dedicated to restoring human motion by innovating unique shape memory orthopedic devices. By utilizing implants incorporating shape memory, surgeons are able to perform surgeries through smaller incisions, complete stronger surgical repairs and promote faster healing of damaged bones and tissues. Shape memory materials are considered mechanically active smart materials. They are defined by their ability to recover large deformations to their original shape on command in a controlled manner. Medical devices utilizing shape memory materials can be implanted through small incisions and be deployed to a larger size or different shape within the body to fixate tissues, repair fractures or restore normal anatomy. Shape memory polymers (SMPs) are a relatively new class of smartĀ materials. Though researchers have developed numerous formulations of SMPs, MedShape Solutions is the only company to have developed and introduced FDA cleared devices manufactured from shape memory polymers based on PEEK (polyetheretherketone) and PMMA (polymethylmethacrylate) chemistries. SMP devices can be deployed using either thermal or mechanical activation. MedShape Solutions’ proprietary biocompatible PEEK Altera material allows biomedical devices to deploy into different shapes easily and reproducibly with minimal mechanical force.


Founded in 2005, Innovolt manufactures next-generation power protection products for commercial, residential, industrial, OEM and utility applications. Innovolt’s power protection and power monitoring innovations were perfected at Georgia Tech by Dr. Deepak Divan Based in Atlanta GA, the company has rapidly grown its global delivery capability to commercialize its revolutionary, cutting-edge, power protection products. Innovolt has revolutionized the industry by offering power monitoring and power protection in one low-cost device. Innovolt products are microprocessor-based, enabling diagnostics, asset optimization and energy conservation essential for 21st century electronics in an increasingly digital and eco-friendly world. All Innovolt power protection products are based on patent pending CVSS (Current & Voltage Surge Suppressor) technology that effectively protects against 99% of all measured electrical disturbances. By comparison, surge protectors and power filters currently on the market utilize TVSS (Transient Voltage Surge Suppressor) technology and only protect against 1% of measured disturbances (short duration voltage surges) and provide no protection from current (amperage) events. One important advancement with CVSS technology is the incorporation of microprocessors that provide predictive modeling, allowing the Innovolt device to anticipate and pro act to disturbances like current surges. Unlike many other surge protectors Innovolt also protects against extended over voltage, under voltage, and current inrush. CVSS also provides for power monitoring and advanced diagnostics that allow all Innovolt products to capture disturbance data that can be uploaded to the hand held Power Doctor tool and then communicated to a PC for analysis and reporting.


Syntermed is a leading provider of nuclear imaging software. It is an Atlanta-based company established in 1999 providing software solutions for diagnostic medical imaging used for the processing, quantitation, interpretation, and reporting of medical images for all medical modalities. Syntermed also provides the deployment services used by investigators to commercialize their intellectual property. The founders’ combined expertise includes over 50 years working on the development and commercialization of nuclear medicine and PET software so Syntermed’s initial focus will concentrate on servicing diagnostic medical software for this imaging modality. Syntermed will then proceed to include medical software from the other medical imaging modalities. The companies products focus on nuclear cardiology and brain PET.

Applied Global Technologies

Applied Global Technologies (AGT) was conceived between two research engineers working at Georgia Tech in the early 90s. While working with the US Army Logistics depot in Atlanta, Ben Atha and Mike Valletutti saw an opportunity to apply software and engineering, and provide sustainment services, to solve real-world problems. During the company’s first five years, AGT provided engineering design, integration services, and custom hardware for various technologies- telemedicine, prepaid cellular, satellite communications, ISDN and V.35 equipment, and audio/visual centers. In 1999, AGT became a Polycom reseller and developed a specialization in Federal Distance Learning programs. A major program won in 2000 produced two milestones: first major ISDN-based world-wide migration to IP and first successful internal R&D; product for Network Aware Scheduling. Subsequently, AGT pioneered managed services for video conferencing and offered clients an alternative to the VAR/self-managed option. By 2003, Managed Video Services was the fastest-growing segment of AGT’s business with the award of several Fortune 1000, Federal/DOD, and State Network contracts.

The past 5 years have built upon the successes of both the Service Provider and Integration businesses. AGT’s first R&D; product for management of IP video, FATHOM, was released in 2004. An innovation first of its kind, FATHOM provided the tools that our managed services personnel and Client Care teams needed to assist the client’s IP video conferencing. With most video conferencing users still on expensive and limited ISDN networks, FATHOM provided the network measuring and migration tools to bring clients to IP. And once video systems are IP connected, FATHOM becomes the real-time monitoring and management tool for sustainment of your company’s video usage. By 2007, FATHOM had become AGT’s most successful product, selling to service providers across the globe. In the Integration segment, AGT built in-house expertise in Federal communications, including secure radios, emergency response, satellite, secure IP voice & video, and power systems. AGT engineers designed form-factors per client requirements, providing a client-driven solution has always been the most rewarding projects. The A/V and video conferencing services continued to grow, with particular emphasis on large, nationwide projects for Fortune 500 and Federal Agencies. AGT’s A/V division excels in remaining within budget and on schedule, and providing on-going support services through our certified and experienced Client Care team.

Most recently, AGT has evolved the 2000 Managed Services model using R&D; products born in 2006. AGT’s ENCORE and ANALYTICS infrastructure provides clients the ability to leverage their WAN while also getting sustainment services from remote Client Care. With a similar design to “Infrastructure as a Service (IAAS)” model, AGT’s PerfectMeetings Managed Video solution delivers industry-leading price/performance for a company’s end-to-end video strategy. Bundling of ENCORE, FATHOM and ANALYTICS provides a suite of video management, bridging, streaming, recording, help desk, and reporting services securely dedicated within the client’s firewall. Today’s AGT offers depth of services related to video conferencing and communications managed, hosted, integrated, and engineered. With partnerships that extend services globally, AGT can help realize technology’s potential in any industry, whether you are seeking increased productivity in the workplace, better work/life balance for your employees, truly “go green”, increase student admissions to your distance learning program, or need to help victims of natural disasters.

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