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MSU is among the nation’s top tier of research universities, as recognized by the Carnegie Foundation for the Advancement of Teaching. The Foundation recently ranked MSU as one of 107 research universities with “very high research activity.”

Featured Startups and Technologies

Bridger Photonics

Bridger Photonics: Bridger Photonics, Inc. was founded in 2006 for the purpose of commercializing lasers and laser-based sensors targeting a variety of potential markets. The company is developing and commercializing a variety of technologies based around monolithic and frequency swept lasers and utilizing these sources for LIDAR remote sensing, LADAR, medical imaging and metrology. Currently, it has 17 employees.

NWB Sensors

NWB Sensors: NWB Sensors was started in 2008 by an MSU graduate student . The company has licensed patented techniques that allow for the radiometric calibration of TEC-less microbolometer cameras.

LigoCyte Pharmaceuticals

LigoCyte employees over 50 people, most are MUS graduates, and focuses on virus-like particle (VLP) vaccines that mimic viruses but lack the ability to reproduce or cause infectious complications.


Bacterin was the first company to market an allograft made from 100% human cancellous bone.

S2 Corp

S2 Corporation is a dynamic, high-technology based small business that aims to provide creative ultra-wideband sensing and signal processing solutions for multiple customers.

Montana BioAgriculture

Montana BioAgriculture is commercializing technology and products for use in sustainable agricultural. The Company works with microbial agents and compounds discovered and developed by MMP, licensed from universities or others, and also does contract research and development. MMP licensed a bacteria from Montana State University that induces a plant’s natural defense system to help fight off fungal and viral disease.


Resonon was founded in 2002 to apply state-of-the-art hyperspectral imaging technology to emerging applications. Resonon systems have been used for defense, biotechnology, agriculture, sorting, mining, and manufacturing.

BioSurface Technologies

BioSurface Technologies Corporation provides innovative products that grow, measure, and evaluate biofilms and biofilm processes to aid product development and process control, and to increase our understanding of fundamental biofilm processes. BioSurface Technologies is providing products and technology to industry and researchers world-wide.

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